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Flieger gr00ve - BoS

Postby 9./JG52 gr00ve » Sun May 08, 2016 10:44 am

Friday Night Bomber Flights Campaign
Sorties: 14
Air Victories: 18


2 sorties - no victories


sortie #1
no claims

sortie #2
LaGG-3 @1500m, SW of Kumovka (Gruber)...flew into debris, bailed out W of Kumovka

sortie #3
Yak-1 @3000m, SE of Kumovka (Gruber)
Yak-1 @500m, E of Kumovka (Gruber)

sortie #4 Bf109 F-4
Mig-3 @100m, S of Novo Petrovsky (Gruber)


sortie #1
no claims

sortie #2
Yak-1 @100m, SW of Kumovka (Gruber)

sortie #1
Yak-1 @500m, S of Lyapichev

sortie #2
IL-2 @100m, Pobeda Oktyabrya (Gruber)
IL-2 @100m Pobeda Oktyabrya (Gruber)

sortie #1
IL-2 @200m, Lyapichev (Gruber, Meyer)
LaGG-3 @300m, Lyapichev (Meyer)
IL-2 @100m, W of Lyapichev (Meyer, Gruber)
LaGG-3 @500m, W of Lyapichev (Etherlight)

sortie #2
no claims

sortie #1
LaGG-3 @2000m, Kalach (Gruber, Meyer)
LaGG-3 @1000m, Lyapichev (Vade)
I-16 @500m, Novo Petrovsky? (Meyer)

sortie #2
Yak-1 @1000m, Lyapichev (Gruber)
IL-2 @300m, Sovetsky (Gruber)
LaGG-3 @500m, Sovetsky (Gruber)
shot down, bailed out W of Sovetsky?
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